Buy Penis Envy Mushroom Chocolate Bar – 3g Georgia


Buy Penis Envy Mushroom Chocolate Bar – 3g Georgia, is our 2nd premium chocolate bar product developed for the chocolate connoisseur! In collaboration with an amazing BC based chocolatiers, SHAFAA product team has formulated a premium quality, hazelnut milk chocolate bar to maximize for safety, quality and taste! Click To Order

This tempered Callebaut chocolate is formulated to avoid the powdered texture and taste of mushrooms while maximizing the potency of the Penis Envy strain.

Each 50 gr chocolate bar contains 3 gr of premium Penis Envy magic mushrooms and 47 gr of Hazelnut Milk Chocolate.

The bar consists of 6 breakable pieces with 0.5 gr of Penis Envy magic mushrooms per piece, making it easy for both macrodosing and microdosing regimens.

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